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    Medical reflex hammer
    babinski percussion reflex hammer has a 22 cm long octagonal chrome plated handle with a pointed tip. The hammer’s head is 4 cm in diameter can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. It also comes with a 90-degree turnable head.
    Reliability and stability distinguish all of these classical percussion hammers for the exact testing of reflexes. From the simplest model to the top quality buck hammer.
    1. Bowling shaped head helps to relieve patient’s tension during diagnosis. 2. Frosted handle 3. Two striking surfaces
    Reflex Hammer with built in retractable monofilament. percussion hammer with monofilament sensory test,the monofilament can test diabetes,there is a monofilament in the bottom of the hammer,and it can be bent when meet force and endure 10G force,if the monofilament isn’t insensitive when the probe thorn him then he has diabetes,if the person is sensitive with the monofilament he hasn’t the diabetes.
    The Taylor Percussion Hammer was developed by a neurologist called John Madison Taylor. It is utilized to elicit patellar reflexes and myotatic reflexes.China Diagnostic Instruments